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This site is in deep remodeling. Instead of links to each of my works, I find it more appropriate to put it in tabs so that they are more clustered and accessible. It will not be the last change, because my goal is to develop it in PHP. At the moment everything is done with html and css, there is no javascript (except for the slide show) and as few images as possible.

My Projects


Open your Eyes to Assembler. This is the first work that I publish in this web site and the predecessor of the name of the rest. It is not finished, but there are many things to do yet like 3d programming, fixing errors, translating to English, etc.


Open your Eyes to ABAP. SAP is a best seller ERP in the world, knowing ABAP is a guarantee of work nowadays. This is the second work that I publish in this site.


Open your Eyes to Java. As stated by the java installer, this program can be found in millions of devices, from washing machines, televisions, ... to dynamic web pages, etc. Thousands of programmers develop in this language.


Open your Eyes to Windows C. Programming in C, using TinyC on Windows.


Open your Eyes to Windows Graphics. Using the Windows GDI API. Many examples of old-school graphics in MS-DOS are shown. In the shot a girl-brot from a AOWG example.


Open your Eyes to Windows 32. With the Masm, NasmX, Fasm, TinyC and PellesC compilers.